Exmoor News February 2022 – Dulverton laundry photographs

Rediscovered Photos of Dulverton Laundry – See more on photographer’s own website

Somerset County Gazette February 2022 – Looking Back – Life in laundry remembered
Exmoor News January 2022 – Young Somerset joins the Dulverton Weir Restoration Project
Dulverton Parish Magazine November 2021 – Archaeological Dig on Dulverton Weir
Exmoor News November 2021 – Archaeological Dig on Dulverton Weir
West Somerset Free Press January 2021 – Dulverton Weir Project collaborates with Oxford University School of Archaeology in their ‘Ripple Effect’ project.
West Somerset Herald November 2020 – Somerset West & Taunton Council ruling Liberal Democrat Party give an update on Weir Project progress
Promising future for weir and leat – West Somerset Free Press October 2020
Better chance to spot an otter – West Somerset Free Press September 2020
All hands on deck – the leat runs dry – West Somerset Free Press May 2020
Otter sightings, volunteer work & West Somerset & Taunton Council carry out repair works- Exmoor News May 2020
Otter sightings and volunteer work – West Somerset Free Press April 2020 
  Otter sightings & volunteer work – Dulverton & Brushford Parish Magazine April 2020

Otter seen at Dulverton Weir April 2020 press start below to see the film



‘Visit from new Somerset West and Taunton Council Leader and Chief Executive’ September 2019 
‘West Somerset Free Press – Garden Party July 2019’   
‘Exmoor News – Garden Party July 2019’   
DWLCT win Historic England Angels Award 2018   





















Dulverton Voice – Garden Party & Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition August 2018























Interview with
BBC Somerset January 2018
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dulverton-voice-2016-october Launch of Dulverton Weir & Leat Conservation Trust by The Rt Hon The Lord Dulverton | Dulverton Voice October 2016: page 6
dulverton-voice-2016-september Launch of The Dulverton Weir & Leat Conservation Trust | Dulverton Voice September 2016: page 7
Dulverton Weir – where art meets history | Exmoor News September October 2016
Launch of The Dulverton Weir & Leat Conservation Trust by The Rt Hon The Lord Dulverton| Western Free Press 2 September 2016
Kinetic Sculpture 2016 What’s the story behind the Kinetic Sculpture | Dulverton Voice August 2016.
How the Kinetic sculpture ‘Transforming Movement’ came about and who made it.
Exeter 2016 July Kinetic sculpture ‘Transforming Movement’ wows Dulverton youngsters | Exeter Express and Echo July 2016
Launch of Dulverton Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition by Dulverton Junior School with Artist Luke Tupper explaining his sculpture to the pupils.Also in West Somerset Free Press: July 2016
ENPA Historic Environment Review 2016 March Dulverton Weir and Leat Conservation Group | ENPA Historic Environment Review March 2016 (page 3)
Dulverton Weir & Leat Conservation Trust project featuring in Exmoor National Park Authority Historic Environment Review.
Dulverton Voice 2015 August How was the weir made? | Dulverton Voice August 2015
Town bids to safeguard ancient water power system | Western Morning News August 2015
Community bid to save Dulverton’s medieval water system | Western Morning News August 2015
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