The success of previous exhibitions led to high hopes for 2022 and the number and quality of artists wishing to exhibit indicated that this would be the best exhibition so far.

However drought conditions led to the leat running dry within a few days with no water whatever available to power kinetic sculptures set in the leat. Artists were intensly disappointed in being unable to exhibit the sculptures properly given all their hard work.

The Trust decided not to commission a film of the event this year but a few films appear below where the exhibits were videoed before the leat stopped flowing. In addition those works which have appeared before can be seen in motion in earlier event films on this website. The Trust has agreed to store most of the kinetic sculptures so that they might be exhibited again next year (hopefully with better conditions).

None the less the static part of the exhibition proceeded successfully (although in less than planned exhibit numbers) so that the total number of exhibits matched that of the 2021 exhibition (20 works of art spread around the town).

List of Artworks