We would like to acknowledge the ongoing help and support we are receiving from our stakeholders and advisors:-

Keith Rands – Chairman, Town Mills Management Company

Bernard Howe, Chris Nelder & Bryan Harrison – Long Term Dulverton Residents

Ian Hone, Neil Hopkins, Bart & Alison Middleton, Nicola & John Smith, Shuna & Dick Bland, Simon & Nyra Jones – Weirhead Residents & Riperian Owners

Jenny Sampson, Frances Chanter, Ian Powell, Carole Woods, Steve Bowman, Dulverton Laundry, Charles Crisp & Marek Pavlowski, – Leat Riperian Owners

Nick Thwaites – Dulverton Town Councillor

Bruce Heywood – Retired Dulverton Town Councillor & Chairman, West Somerset Council

Frances Nicholson – Somerset County Councillor

Dr Matt Edgeworth – Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leicester (Dr Edgeworth is also our Honorary Archaeologist)

Martin Watts – Mills Specialist, historic building research & recording

Dr Graham Wills, Peter Daniel & Geoff Fitton – Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society (SIAS)

Henry & Donna Lyndsay – graphics & design

George Wolfe – Calver Weir Project

Claire Saville – Printing at The Vicarage

Anthony Graves (thatsfantastic.co.uk) & Tim Marriott – web design & support

Rob Miles – (Rob Miles Engineering) – metalwork & fencing

Advisors and Stakeholders, along with our Partners, are kept informed on developments and contribute on a regular basis to project direction and progress.